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Oh to have USB/CD write and sound...


As you're all aware on here, I've been using Rawhide for many many many
moons now, I accept the risks, I accept the bleeding edge and that my
fingers may get burned from time to time.

However, it's been quite a while now (I think it broke shortly after the
rawhide repos opened post the release of f11) since I can plug in a USB
drive and have it mount without having to open a terminal window, su and
mount it by hand. I can no longer use my DVD writer as I don't have the
correct user permissions and the only way to get sound is to again su,
change the ownership of /dev/snd to be me and restart pulseaudio.

The above are really just annoyances that I can deal with. However, I
now find that I can't open a terminal window (makes no difference to
program used - happens with xterm, gnome-terminal and the kde one)
without being told that "there was an error creating the child process
for this terminal". OK, xterm just sits there, but I'm guessing it's
suffering from the same problem.

Any ideas when normality will be returned?



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