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Re: x86_64 packages depends on i586.

2009/7/11 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org>:
> The x86_64 repo contains some multilib packages. If you don't specify
> the wanted architecture when installing, yum might install both 32- and
> 64-bit versions if available. Try adding the .x86_64 arch specifier,
> e.g. instead of
> # yum install foo
> perform
> # yum install foo.x86_64
> --
> Jussi Lehtola
> Fedora Project Contributor
> jussilehtola fedoraproject org

I also noticed this. The problem is that I use the spin-kickstarts
files and there groups of files are specified with @core. When the
livecd-creator see this, maybe it pulls all files that much the given
name regardless of the architecture.

But I still cannot explain why when running the livecd and trying to
install some of the files (in the first thread), yum still pulls the
i586 as dependencies.

Should I file a bug against yum (or livecd-creator) so that they
respect the given architecture?

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