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Re: Possible packages...

On Sun, 2009-07-05 at 20:15 -0600, Nathanael Noblet wrote:

> Apple's Calendar Server. It runs using python 2.5 or greater (I've  
> installed it on a F11 machine and it work well). I've started looking  
> at some of its dependancies. 90% of them are in fedora already, and of  
> the ones in F11, only one if I remember correctly isn't at the version  
> it requires). It seems like a great addition to Fedora if you ask me.  
> So basically it would require two new packages, and an update to one  
> other package (libevent) which is a minor version bump it seems if at  
> all needed.

The Infrastructure group has a rather ongoing project to try and find a
really good calendar server system (and then, obviously, package it) to
be used as the official Fedora calendaring system (then we could
schedule events and all that good stuff in an official Fedora server,
and people could access them via CalDAV or web, and all would be roses).
It's proved a bit tricky, though, to find a really perfect option. See
for most of the details on this project. At present, we seem to be
looking at one called Calagator: http://calagator.org/ .

> PS3MediaServer. A Java program to talk to a PS3 with DLNA. I'm  
> guessing this one would have problems because it requires ffmpeg or  
> mplayer/mencoder... Plus as a java program its probably a bit more  
> complex to create a proper spec file for. I've made the other kind  
> often enough, but java ones not so much...

There's a sort of 'agreed-upon-right-way-of-doing-this' candidate for
this particular need, which is a nice modern GTK+ app and based on
gstreamer...but I can't quite pull the name out of long-term storage at
present. Someone will probably know what I mean, though. The one most
people use (as the one I'm talking about is still a bit alpha) is
mediatomb, which is also in Fedora already. Unless this provides
something significant the other options don't, it may not be the best
place to start, since it looks a bit complex.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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