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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 14.07.2009 10:04, Douglas McClendon wrote:
[...]In any event, I'd love to hear what people think. [...]

I for one think rebooting after install is a very good thing, as only a
full reboot makes sure the install (including boot loaders) was
completely successful and works fine.

Or IOW: I for one would be really annoyed if I'm doing a "rebootless
install" and after hours of customizing and using it notice after a
reboot that the install doesn't boot due to a broken boot-loader

Just my 2 cent.

Thanks for the feedback, those are good points. I would only emphasize that I'm in no way suggesting replacing the current installers with this absolutely bleeding edge technology. Even in what I envision as the long term most positive adoption, as I said, it would merely be an optional (default off) choice inside, or in addition to the traditional rebooting method. In the first F12 incarnation, it would be hidden behind an appropriate number of warning/danger/experimental/imminent-explosion* messages.

* "eating babies" would be the traditional fedora scare tactic, but that might offend some number of fedora users who have had their children eaten by bears.



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