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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

Felix Miata wrote:
On 2009/07/14 02:04 (GMT-0600) Douglas McClendon composed:

Doesn't kexec, which does a BIOS bypassing reboot, accomplish what you want?
OpenSUSE's installer has had kexec_reboot=1 by default for a version or two
(I think default started with 11.1): http://en.opensuse.org/Kexec

No, from a user experience perspective, a kexec 'warm' reboot is still a reboot. There is AFAIK no user experience example to look to in comparison. Perhaps somewhere along the line people tried pivot_roots after installation, but short of this devicemapper trick, there was always the trouble that tied up file descriptors would prevent you from being able to eject the livecd. I could be wrong about that, or my interpretation of what kexec does (I've read about it often in LWN, but never knowingly used it).

Your first link seems currently broken (database error), and the second doesn't really lead me to believe it is anything equivalent. I haven't used *suse that much recently so I can't be sure- Is it perhaps something where they have a very minimal partial installation, then start writing the minimal stuff to disk, kexec-reboot, and then set you up in system that is finishing installing while you use it? If so, one way to describe the major benefit of my rebootless installer, is that you get to boot the livecd/usb environment, *then use it as such*, and at your option, desire, and convenience, decide to permanently install the LiveOS you have just been using and configuring, to disk. And of course when done, just pop out the livecd/usb, and your are done... and free to leave your system with a continuingly increasing uptime :)



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