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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

Christoph Höger wrote:

although (as others pointed out) a reboot may be necessary one way or
the other, my opinion would be: Why not?

Currently you are *forced* to reboot which now seems not to be a must

Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see somebody else can see the added value that doesn't obviously (to me) imply any negative consequence (except for the 100kb/700M space on the LiveCD).

To respond to Rahul's response, I think you have it right. Currently, when doing an install of Fedora 11, without my installer, the user is 'forced' to reboot in order to start 'really' using the newly installed system. (see next paragraph for '' explanation)

So why not remove that force and allow the user to decide when to
reboot? (Maybe one would like to install all available updates before he
has to reboot *again* because kernel updates or stuff).

But to demonstrate a lack of bias, I will mention that you are currently able to do something like a chroot'd yum update on the installed system without rebooting, without my installer. But this also highlights the benefit- it's a lot more trivial and intuitive to update your system if it is the one running in front of you, than if it is one you have to mount and chroot, and probably even throw in some bindmounts to manage.

So before any flaming starts: Please keep in mind that no one wants to
*remove* reboot. ;)




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