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Re: NVR bugs in rawhide

On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 09:05 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> On 07/14/2009 08:48 AM, Jussi Lehtola wrote:
> > %dist should be used always.
> As the person who invented %dist, I can assure you, this is false.
> In the specific situation where a new noarch package with relatively
> static content is being introduced, you have a few options:
> * Use %dist
> * Manually ensure that the upgrade ordering is sane (e.g. foo-1.2.3-1
> (fc10), foo-1.2.3-2 (fc11), foo-1.2.3-3 (rawhide)
> * Only build in rawhide and let inheritance pull it in for future
> releases (doesn't work for past releases).
> Admittedly, I think using %dist is easier/saner, but it isn't mandatory.
> ~spot

In F11 Everything, there are 211 i386 packages without the dist tag and
just 81 noarch packages without the dist tag.  So, it's definitely not
just the noarch packages that aren't using the dist tag.

Personally, I think that the dist tag usage should be strongly
encouraged for all packages.  It makes rebuilds and upgrade easier and
the only potential downside is a small cosmetic one.

-- Dennis

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