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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

Christoph Höger wrote:
We are talking about a live cd installation, yes? You can close the
installer then.

We were talking about anaconda. And I still don't know a sane (aka "no
manual chroot") way to go from livecd into the fresh installed

If you look at the feature page and watch 18 minutes of youtube videos, and/or look at my code, I think you'll have to admit there is 'a way' to do it. I certainly won't be offended by the label 'insane' however, unless of course you find technical problems with my implementation, in which case, I still won't mind the label, I'll just go fix em.

You surely agree that users that know about chroot are probably not the
ones adressed with the "hey, cool, in this linux thingy i do not need to
reboot after install" feature, don't you?

Given that I'm precisely the kind of person who is comfortable doing the chroot dance, and I get the most joy from using my installer, I'd have to biasedly suggest that it is for everyone who thinks its kindof cool.



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