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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

Am Dienstag, den 14.07.2009, 08:09 -0600 schrieb Douglas McClendon:
> Colin Walters wrote:
> > Another thing to keep in mind that immediately post-installation there
> > are going to be updates, which will at a minimum need desktop reset
> > (fast reboot experience), or more likely system restart.
> I don't exactly get this.  I might understand some negligible things. 
> But historically I've often done
> -normal install, reboot
> -booted, logged in using everying, then a massive yum update, then I'd 
> wait till it was absolutely convenient to logout of the desktop or reboot

You wouldn't need no yum update if you enabled the updates repo during
install. It's a single click.

Your proposal sounds interesting, but I have two questions/issues:
     1. The installation is not finished after reboot because we have
        firstboot. How to trigger firstboot in a rebootless install?
     2. Imagine after the installation you switch rebootless to the new
        system and install a kmod. But you are still running the kernel
        from the installation medium and kmods get installed for the
        running kernel, which not necessarily needs to be the one that
        was installed.


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