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Re: NVR bugs in rawhide

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:01:50 +0200, Ralf wrote:

You don't need to drop %dist for koji build inheritance to work.

It just looks much cleaner to inherit foo-1.0-1.noarch.rpm for all
newer targets
IFF "current rpm" is sufficiently compatible to the antique version of rpm a package has been built on.

If this doesn't apply you don't get anywhere.

Not _with_ %dist either.
Of cause it would help. A package's release tag would very verbosely tell you that a package is outdated.

No.  Particulary for noarch data packages, using %dist bears an
additional risk. Because it becomes possible to tag a package on
multiple branches and break inheritance by building for more than
the oldest branch.
To me, this is not a risk, but a valuable feature.

The packager is free to decide whether and when to do this either with or
without %dist.
Yes, that's the status quo, probably because certain Fedora and Red Hat key people refuse to keep things simple and straight, but prefer to what I consider to be "outsmarting themselves" by making the corner cases the norm.

IMO, that's simply silly of these people.

=> I agree with Jussi. Allowing people not to use %dist is not helpful. It's a booby trap which certainly will hit some day.

%dist is a trap itself - packagers run into it regularly, e.g. when
adding Obsoletes and versioned dependencies, when doing trial-and-error
fixing of old branches (without paying attention to the recommendations in
the guidelines), when committing and tagging after a server-side update of
the "branches" file.
Quite easy to overcome: always use %?dist.

It's the cases when people add/remove %?dist, which are problematic.


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