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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

On 07/14/2009 11:04 AM, Christoph Wickert wrote:
>      2. Imagine after the installation you switch rebootless to the new
>         system and install a kmod. But you are still running the kernel
>         from the installation medium and kmods get installed for the
>         running kernel, which not necessarily needs to be the one that
>         was installed.

Would it be feasible to fetch the current kernel from the 'net (if
possible/permitted) and kexec into it before proceeding with the install?

With liveUSB there's persistence, but is there a way to have a ramdisk
survive kexec for liveCD?

Heck, fetch the latest anaconda too, and get rid of some of the zero-day
problems we have that require respins now.


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