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Re: NVR bugs in rawhide

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 20:47:00 +0300, Jussi wrote:

> [...] packages that are compiled in some way *really should* use the
> %{?dist} tag, since that way they are upgraded when the distribution is
> upgraded.

They are only upgraded if somebody (or something) bumps'n'rebuilds them,
including a spec file %changelog for the new %release value and a new tag
in cvs.

One cannot rebuild for a changed %{dist} value without creating
a corresponding cvs tag first. One cannot rebuild an unchanged NEVR with
an unchanged [old] cvs tag, because koji rejects such build requests.

For a package whose %version value makes bigger jump mostly or only during
the Rawhide cycle, one doesn't need anything like %dist but can use RPM's
%release everywhere for that pkg just fine.

> (Or it can be easily seen that the compilation is obsolete.)

Only if you insist on relying on %dist instead of examining RPM's
"Build Date" values (or equivalent values in koji) or file timestamps,
which are more accurate.

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