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Against what do I file this bug?


I reinstalled my desktop last weekend and now it doesn't quite work :)

Some background info:
Anaconda ( did succesfully install F11 on my fakeraid nvidia
(mirrored). My bootup device is the fakeraid mirrored device.
Therefore the /boot partition is also on the fakeraid mirrored device.
Booting up in a rescue environment I can see that everything that
should be there is in fact there.
I have a second faraid device connected to the same nvidia chip bridge
thingy. This one however only consist of 1 drive, don't ask me why it
is still seen by Fedora as a fakeraid device, I don't know.

Now for my problem. Although Anaconda installed grub in the bootsector
of the fakeraid mirrored device, I never actually get to a grub prompt,
it just loads the kernel. Presumably due to the possibility that grub
can't find the /boot partition. Although annoying, not really a big
problem for me as I always run the latest kernel on the desktop anyway.
However during the mounting stage of the boot process the /boot
partition can also not be found and I am dropped into maintance mode.

After a little investigation it turns out that device mapper has not
made the devicenodes for the root partition either, in fact none of the
partitions of the fakeraid mirrored device are present in the
/dev/mapper folder, but the other fakeraid device (including it's
partitions) is.

Comparing the /sys/dev/block/ entries from the rescue environment and
from maintance mode show that sysfs is not completely populating the
respective folders for the fakeraid mirrored device.

So the question becomes against what do I file bugs? I've never seen
this situation before and while I'm typing this I get the distinct
impression that I have several bugs on my hands.

Kind regards,
Stefan Hartsuiker

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