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Re: Against what do I file this bug?

S.A. Hartsuiker wrote:
Now for my problem. Although Anaconda installed grub in the bootsector
of the fakeraid mirrored device, I never actually get to a grub prompt,
it just loads the kernel.

Um... do you mean that grub loads the latest kernel without pausing to ask if that's what you want? Because as I understand that is intended behavior with F11 (with F10 already, I want to say). Hold some key during boot to get the grub menu (ctrl works well, being unused by most BIOS's).

Presumably due to the possibility that grub can't find the /boot

This makes no sense. If grub was failing to find /boot, you would get a grub error, since there would be nothing for it to boot (nor would it find grub.conf, I think). IOW, you would get slightly farther than the BIOS failing to find a MBR, but certainly no maintenance mode (which implies a roughly-functional kernel and initrd).

However during the mounting stage of the boot process the /boot
partition can also not be found and I am dropped into maintance mode.

This sounds like an initrd problem to me, but I am no expert.

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