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Request for assistance with F11 Sound Issue. (Intel/Pulseaudio)

I, and others, have been without sound since F11 shipped.  Sound worked
fine for me in F10 and F9 IIRC.  

I have posted the details of my problem in a thread titled "From the
top... how do I get sound working in F11 ?" in the fedora-list list.

As far as I know I have implemented every "solution" thus offered and
none of them have worked.  I am willing to spend considerable time
troubleshooting this situation with a developer. I will file a bugzilla
report if we determine that it is in fact a bug.  I will do an extensive
write up of how we get sound working on my machine if we are

I request that someone knowledgeable with this issue come over to the
fedora-list list and assist us with this problem.  I feel it would be
better to address the issue over there as regular users don't usually
come to the developer list to look for solutions like this.

Thanks for listening.


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