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Re: Does anything require /proc/bus/usb?

Daniel P. Berrange on 07/17/2009 11:10 AM wrote:
> Why not do a patch for VirtualBox to make it look in the right place
> first ? We've just done that for QEMU too, changing its search order
> to be /sys/bus/usb, /dev/bus/usb and only then /proc/bus/usb. Removing
> the whole /proc/bus/usb mount to solve one application's problem does
> not seem ideal.

The VirtualBox developers state:

"/proc/bus/usb is deprecated, and most people have already got rid of
it. If VBox finds it mounted, it uses legacy code to handle USB. We do
this to avoid breaking existing working setups. Otherwise we use newer,
alternative code."

> FYI the distinction VirtualBox vs libvirt isn't correct. libvirt is
> an API for any virtualization technology, and has drivers for Xen,
> KVM, QEMU, VirtualBox and more.

My analogy was poor, yes, as most Internet comments are, but my point
was being VB vs what libvirt provides, not what libvirt is (a library).

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