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Re: Packages tracked by FEver that need to be updated

On Fri July 17 2009, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 07/16/2009 11:22 PM, Till Maas wrote:

> It would be useful to have a dynamically generated webpage that shows
> how close we are to upstream versions across different Fedora versions
> similar to the distrowatch packages page. 

A static webpage that is regenerated every now and then should be easy enough, 
that I might create it. On my blog the project leader of 
http://oswatershed.org/ mentioned his project, which is something similiar for 
different distributions, but it currently does not show any packages for 

> Maybe allow package
> maintainers to add in comments indicating what their plans are, even.
> For example, if a update is going to break the ABI in a intrusive way
> (let's say XULRunner) or change the configuration file format (nagios),
> I as a package maintainer would like to convey that information to my
> users so they know why I haven't pushed an update despite new features
> or even minor bug fixes.

The bug report could be linked on the page and then the maintainer can use it 
for this. This should also then be easily doable.


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