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Re: Updates and delays in signing packages

On 07/17/2009 07:57 PM, Josh Boyer wrote:
> It takes a push between 2 and
> 3 days to actually complete right now.
> We've had some significant delays due to a variety of factors over the past
> couple of weeks.  I think we now have most of the big ones fixed, with the
> master mirrors allowing more rsync access, and the updates composes now being
> able to hardlink again (reduces mash time).  There is another issue involving
> deltarpms that I've filed a bug on, and we should get some speed-up if we can
> get that figured out too.

Josh - it sounds like you're working hard on this; much appreciated.

Is there a clear resource constraint in the process - lack of hardware,
insufficient bandwidth (locally or at the mirrors)?  It sounds like
current manpower is covered - are there software improvements
(optimizations, pipelining, architectural) on the wishlist that would
improve throughput?


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