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Re: Updates and delays in signing packages

On 2009-07-20 11:56:02 AM, Bill McGonigle wrote:
> Is there a clear resource constraint in the process - lack of hardware,
> insufficient bandwidth (locally or at the mirrors)?  It sounds like
> current manpower is covered - are there software improvements
> (optimizations, pipelining, architectural) on the wishlist that would
> improve throughput?
Currently, two of our three (?) master mirror netapps are down due to
various reasons, leaving us with a single point of failure (and on top
of that, the last mirror was moved very recently, I believe).  At the
same time, we had an issue where timestamps were getting unnecessarily
updated at each push.  A combination of all of these has made it very
hard for us to get updates out to mirrors :-/

I think people are working on getting the other netapps back up, and as
Josh mentioned, we've fixed the timestamp issue already.  Unfortunately,
not all of these parts are run by Fedora Infrastructure, so there's a
lot of information-passing going on with us as the middlemen between
mirror admins and the people working on finding out what the cause of
the issues are.


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