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Re: Rawhide fonts problem report for 2009-07-20

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le lundi 20 juillet 2009 à 10:03 -0400, Qianqian Fang a écrit :
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
    ☛ Mid-term, files in legacy PCF or Type1 formats need to be converted or removed.
just curious, for PCF, what format you plan to convert to ?

Can I just dream bitmap fonts will go away ? Otherwise, it would be
awesome if one of the 2-3 ways to create Opentype bitmap fonts actually
AFAIK, there exist at least 30% of the Chinese
users who prefer bitmaps over vector (even we dream all
free CJK vector fonts having good hinting in the future, I still
don't think this fraction can be lower than 15% in the next
3 years. They made this choice because their monitors,
their sensitivity to blurry, or just because they are used to
windows (9x to xp, even vista).

Getting opentype bitmap/sfnt wrapper to work for bitmaps is
definitely the way to go: it not only saves more than half of
the space, but also makes rendering a lot faster. The only
concern is the support to GTK1 applications which reply on the
legacy X font settings.

I had tried SFNT TTF/OTF, neither of them works with the current fontconfig
(cache file could not be generated).

Please open bugs upstream so Behdad can fix support for SFNT bitmap

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