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Is BuildRoot still mandatory?

I understand that RPMbuild in the current versions of Fedora uses a buildroot 
under %_topdir/BUILDROOT, regardless of any BuildRoot tag in the spec file, 
so it appears that the only reason to have a BuildRoot tag in a Fedora 
package is if it will also be built for EPEL.

The packages I've made would at least need several workarounds to build on 
EPEL 4 or 5, and they might not even work at all. I don't feel ready to get 
into EPEL yet anyway, so I decided that I may try to build my packages for 
EPEL 6 when that time comes, but not before that. Therefore I found BuildRoot 
tags to be unnecessary and left them out, but RPMlint complains and so do the 

So my question is: If there are no plans to build a package on any 
distribution release where a BuildRoot tag is needed, and it is known that 
the package won't build cleanly on such a release, is a BuildRoot tag still 
required for the package to be approved for Fedora?

For reference, these are my review requests:

Björn Persson

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