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Release Engineering meeting summary for 2009-07-20


Meeting log
* **Roll Call**  (f13-18:18:42_)

* **old business**  (f13-18:21:09_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 to send an updated list of orphans to be purged

  * *ACTION*: f13 will /really/ spend time on FAD this week.

  * *ACTION*: f13 still needs to file ticket about backing down how
    aggressive the gpg signed copy cleanup is in koji  (f13-18:28:23_)

* **Critical Path**  (f13-18:28:50_)

  * *ACTION*: lmacken to report next week on bodhi changes for Critical
    Path Packages  (f13-18:39:15_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 will work on getting offtrac packaged up in Fedora and
    a 'make tag-request' target added to the make system.  Also tied
    into checking if critical path package or not.  (f13-18:50:05_)

  * *LINK*: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iamjessekeating/3736843791/
    <--EVIDENCE  (skvidal-19:05:46_)

* **No Frozen Rawhide**  (f13-19:06:37_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 will try to get folks together to define missing parts
    of the no frozen rawhide proposal this week  (f13-19:23:36_)

* **Fedora 12 Alpha**  (f13-19:26:25_)

* **open floor**  (f13-19:31:45_)

* **Mass Rebuild**  (f13-19:33:08_)

  * *AGREED*: We should attempt a mass rebuild driven by releng for arch
    and XZ support.  (f13-19:51:20_)

  * *ACTION*: notting will copy the F11 mass rebuild wiki page for F12

  * *AGREED*: Mass rebuilds will start Thursday the 23rd, to finish by
    Tuesday the 28th.  Cleanups will target completion by tuesday the
    4th  (f13-19:55:57_)

  * *ACTION*: notting will announce the mass rebuild to
    fedora-devel-announce  (f13-20:01:33_)

The logs mention the F12 schedule needing to be updated, but poelcat
actually did that and I didn't find it earlier.  I forgot to note that
during the meeting but I'm noting it here and I removed the action items
from the list.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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