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Mass rebuild for Fedora 12

Fedora Release Enginerering is going to be starting a mass rebuild this
Thursday, July 28th, for the following Fedora 12 features:
	- XZ RPM Payloads
	- x86 Architecture Support

Just as in the Fedora 11 mass rebuild, if you'd like to opt out for
your packages, check a file into your package's devel/ branch, named
'noautobuild'. This file should contain a short rationale of why you
wish to do the build yourself. Note that if you do not do a rebuild
during the timeframe before Alpha, one will be done regardless of
the presence of this file.

Also note that delta RPMS will be disabled in rawhide for the duration
of this mass rebuild; delta rpms across payload format changes in
RPM are not useful.

For more information, see:

Fedora-devel-announce mailing list
Fedora-devel-announce redhat com

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