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Re: Purging the F12 orphans

On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 14:43 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Here is an updated list.  I'm still trying to work out some code to
> repoclose with each of these gone.
> Unblocked orphan apollon
> Unblocked orphan bes
> Unblocked orphan bytelist
> Unblocked orphan constantine
> Unblocked orphan cryptix
> Unblocked orphan dap-freeform_handler
> Unblocked orphan dap-hdf4_handler
> Unblocked orphan dap-netcdf_handler
> Unblocked orphan dap-server
> Unblocked orphan drapes
> Unblocked orphan elsa
> Unblocked orphan flpsed
> Unblocked orphan fmit
> Unblocked orphan fontypython
> Unblocked orphan galago-daemon
> Unblocked orphan galago-filesystem
> Unblocked orphan garmin-sync
> Unblocked orphan gdhcpd
> Unblocked orphan gfa
> Unblocked orphan gift
> Unblocked orphan gift-gnutella
> Unblocked orphan gift-openft
> Unblocked orphan gimp-lqr-plugin
> Unblocked orphan glipper
> Unblocked orphan gnochm
> Unblocked orphan gnome-audio
> Unblocked orphan gnome-compiz-manager
> Unblocked orphan gnome-vfs2-obexftp
> Unblocked orphan gnubiff
> Unblocked orphan goffice04
> Unblocked orphan gstm
> Unblocked orphan ht2html
> Unblocked orphan jcodings
> Unblocked orphan jflex
> Unblocked orphan jline
> Unblocked orphan joni
> Unblocked orphan jrexx
> Unblocked orphan jruby
> Unblocked orphan junitperf
> Unblocked orphan jvyamlb
> Unblocked orphan klear
> Unblocked orphan ldapvi
> Unblocked orphan libatomic_ops
> Unblocked orphan libchmxx
> Unblocked orphan libdap
> Unblocked orphan libdockapp
> Unblocked orphan libgtksourceviewmm
> Unblocked orphan liblqr-1
> Unblocked orphan libnc-dap
> Unblocked orphan lxsession-lite
> Unblocked orphan macchanger
> Unblocked orphan metamonitor
> Unblocked orphan msv
> Unblocked orphan musicbox
> Unblocked orphan otl
> Unblocked orphan pam_keyring
> Unblocked orphan pcmanx-gtk2
> Unblocked orphan perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse
> Unblocked orphan perl-Text-CHM
> Unblocked orphan pessulus
> Unblocked orphan piccolo
> Unblocked orphan pidgin-knotify
> Unblocked orphan plexus-container-default
> Unblocked orphan plexus-interactivity
> Unblocked orphan plexus-velocity
> Unblocked orphan puretls
> Unblocked orphan pystatgrab
> Unblocked orphan python-cjson
> Unblocked orphan python-dbsprockets
> Unblocked orphan qt-qsa
> Unblocked orphan quickfix
> Unblocked orphan ruby-flexmock
> Unblocked orphan scim-input-pad
> Unblocked orphan scim-skk
> Unblocked orphan scim-tomoe
> Unblocked orphan shapelib
> Unblocked orphan skkdic
> Unblocked orphan surfraw
> Unblocked orphan themes-backgrounds-gnome
> Unblocked orphan thinkfinger
> Unblocked orphan tomoe
> Unblocked orphan tremulous-data
> Unblocked orphan viewmtn
> Unblocked orphan w3lib
> Unblocked orphan wdm
> Unblocked orphan wmix
> Unblocked orphan wxdfast
> Unblocked orphan xml-commons-apis12
> Unblocked orphan xml-commons-which
> Unblocked orphan xmms-cdread
> Unblocked orphan xyz-gallery

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: bes
    dap-freeform_handler requires libbes_dap.so.3
    dap-freeform_handler requires bes-devel = 3.6.2-4.fc11
    dap-freeform_handler requires libbes_dispatch.so.7
    dap-hdf4_handler requires libbes_dap.so.3
    dap-hdf4_handler requires bes-devel = 3.6.2-4.fc11
    dap-hdf4_handler requires libbes_dispatch.so.7
    dap-netcdf_handler requires libbes_dap.so.3
    dap-netcdf_handler requires bes-devel = 3.6.2-4.fc11
    dap-netcdf_handler requires libbes_dispatch.so.7
    dap-server requires libbes_dap.so.3
    dap-server requires bes-devel = 3.6.2-4.fc11
    dap-server requires libbes_dispatch.so.7

Orphan: bytelist
    jruby requires bytelist = 1.0.1-0.2.svn9177.fc11
    jvyamlb requires bytelist = 1.0.1-0.2.svn9177.fc11

Orphan: constantine
    jruby requires constantine = 0.4-3.fc11

Orphan: cryptix
    cryptix-asn1 requires cryptix = 3.2.0-12.fc11
    puretls requires cryptix = 3.2.0-12.fc11

Orphan: dap-freeform_handler
    dap-server-cgi requires dap-freeform_handler = 3.7.9-2.fc11

Orphan: dap-hdf4_handler
    dap-server-cgi requires dap-hdf4_handler = 3.7.9-2.fc11

Orphan: dap-netcdf_handler
    dap-server-cgi requires dap-netcdf_handler = 3.7.9-2.fc11

Orphan: gift
    apollon requires libgift.so.0
    apollon requires gift-devel =
    gift-gnutella requires libgift.so.0
    gift-gnutella requires libgiftproto.so.0
    gift-gnutella requires gift-devel =
    gift-openft requires libgift.so.0
    gift-openft requires libgiftproto.so.0
    gift-openft requires gift-devel =

Orphan: ht2html
    jython requires ht2html = 2.0-9.fc11

Orphan: jcodings
    bytelist requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11
    joni requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11
    jruby requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11
    jvyamlb requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11

Orphan: jflex
    opengrok requires jflex = 1.4.1-0.4.fc11
    qdox requires jflex = 1.4.1-0.4.fc11

Orphan: jline
    jruby requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    lucene requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    maven-wagon requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    maven2 requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    plexus-interactivity requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    rhino requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    scala requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11

Orphan: joni
    jruby requires joni = 1.1.3-1.fc11

Orphan: junitperf
    dom4j requires junitperf = 1.9.1-3.2.fc11

Orphan: jvyamlb
    jruby requires jvyamlb = 0.2.5-2.fc11

Orphan: libatomic_ops
    gc requires libatomic_ops-devel = 1.2-6.fc12
    pulseaudio requires libatomic_ops-devel = 1.2-6.fc12

Orphan: libdap
    bes requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    bes requires libdapserver.so.6
    bes requires libdap.so.9
    bes-devel requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    bes-devel requires pkgconfig(libdapserver) = 3.8.2
    dap-freeform_handler requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    dap-freeform_handler requires libdapserver.so.6
    dap-freeform_handler requires libdap.so.9
    dap-hdf4_handler requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    dap-hdf4_handler requires libdapserver.so.6
    dap-hdf4_handler requires libdap.so.9
    dap-netcdf_handler requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    dap-netcdf_handler requires libdapserver.so.6
    dap-netcdf_handler requires libdap.so.9
    dap-server requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    dap-server requires libdapserver.so.6
    dap-server requires libdapclient.so.3
    dap-server requires libdap.so.9
    gdal requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    gdal requires libdapserver.so.6
    gdal requires libdapclient.so.3
    gdal requires libdap.so.9
    gdal-perl requires libdapserver.so.6
    gdal-perl requires libdapclient.so.3
    gdal-perl requires libdap.so.9
    gdal-python requires libdapserver.so.6
    gdal-python requires libdapclient.so.3
    gdal-python requires libdap.so.9
    gdal-ruby requires libdapserver.so.6
    gdal-ruby requires libdapclient.so.3
    gdal-ruby requires libdap.so.9
    grads requires libdap.so.9
    libnc-dap requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    libnc-dap requires libdapclient.so.3
    libnc-dap requires libdap.so.9
    libnc-dap-devel requires libdap-devel = 3.8.2-3.fc11
    libnc-dap-devel requires pkgconfig(libdapclient) = 3.8.2
    ncl requires libdapclient.so.3
    ncl requires libdap.so.9

Orphan: libdockapp
    wmacpi requires libdockapp.so.2
    wmacpi requires libdockapp-devel = 0.6.2-2.fc11

Orphan: liblqr-1
    gimp-lqr-plugin requires liblqr-1.so.0
    gimp-lqr-plugin requires liblqr-1-devel = 0.1.0-7.fc11

Orphan: libnc-dap
    grads requires libnc-dap.so.3
    grads requires libnc-dap-devel = 3.7.3-2.fc11
    ncl requires libnc-dap.so.3
    ncl requires libnc-dap-devel = 3.7.3-2.fc11
    nco requires libnc-dap-devel = 3.7.3-2.fc11
    octave-forge requires libnc-dap-devel = 3.7.3-2.fc11

Orphan: lxsession-lite
    lxde-common requires lxsession = 0.3.6-4.fc12
    lxsession-edit requires lxsession = 0.3.6-4.fc12

Orphan: msv
    dom4j requires msv-xsdlib = 1:1.2-0.3.20050722.3.4.fc12.1
    dom4j requires msv-msv = 1:1.2-0.3.20050722.3.4.fc12.1

Orphan: pcmanx-gtk2
    gnash-plugin requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    gnome-chemistry-utils-mozplugin requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    mozilla-opensc-signer requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    swfdec-mozilla requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

Orphan: plexus-container-default
    maven-doxia requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    maven-wagon requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    maven2 requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    maven2-plugin-source requires plexus-container-default =
    modello requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    plexus-ant-factory requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-appserver requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-archiver requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-bsh-factory requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-cdc requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    plexus-compiler requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-i18n requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    plexus-interactivity requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-maven-plugin requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-runtime-builder requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-velocity requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-xmlrpc requires plexus-container-default =

Orphan: plexus-interactivity
    maven-wagon requires plexus-interactivity = 1.0-0.2.a5.2.3.fc11
    maven2 requires plexus-interactivity = 1.0-0.2.a5.2.3.fc11
    maven2-plugin-release requires plexus-interactivity =

Orphan: plexus-velocity
    maven-doxia requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    maven2 requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    maven2-plugin-checkstyle requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    modello requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    plexus-runtime-builder requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11

Orphan: pystatgrab
    ldtp requires pystatgrab = 0.5-5.fc11

Orphan: python-cjson
    sugar-datastore requires python-cjson = 1.0.5-3.fc11

Orphan: qt-qsa
    LabPlot requires qt-qsa-devel = 1.1.5-6.fc11
    LabPlot requires libqsa.so.1

Orphan: ruby-flexmock
    rubygem-cobbler requires ruby-flexmock = 0.7.1-4.fc11
    rubygem-rake requires ruby(flexmock) = 0.7.1

Orphan: shapelib
    python-basemap requires shapelib-devel = 1.2.10-19.20060304cvs
    xastir requires libshp.so.1
    xastir requires shapelib-devel = 1.2.10-19.20060304cvs

Orphan: skkdic
    cmigemo requires skkdic = 20080904-2.fc11
    scim-skk requires skkdic = 20080904-2.fc11
    uim-skk requires skkdic = 20080904-2.fc11

Orphan: tomoe
    scim-tomoe requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    scim-tomoe requires libtomoe.so.0
    scim-tomoe requires tomoe = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk requires libtomoe.so.0
    tomoe-gtk requires tomoe = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires pkgconfig(tomoe) = 0.6.0
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires libtomoe.so.0

Orphan: xml-commons-apis12
    dom4j requires jaxp = 1.2

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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