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koji buildroot inconsistencies? chain-build does not fix...

Fighting against in-buildroot-or-not? dependencies ;-)

I have three packages,
	cld		depends: none
	chunkd		depends: cld
	tabled		depends: cld chunkd

1) I updated all three packages in cvs devel (rawhide), and tagged them.

2) 'make build' on cld succeeded

3) Waited 45 minutes.

4) 'make build' on chunkd failed, because it was building against an
   outdated cld package.

5) So, I try chain-build, which is supposed to get dependencies right:

	$ cd /spare/repo/fedora/tabled/devel	# Fedora CVS for tabled
	$ make chain-build CHAIN='cld : chunkd :'

   this fails, because cld is already built (step #2).


6) So, ok, I try chain-build without cld, since koji tells me it is
   already built:

	$ make chain-build CHAIN='chunkd :'

   this fails, for the same reason as step #4 -- outdated cld.


If I build assuming up-to-date cld is in rawhide, it fails.
If I build NOT assuming up-to-date cld in rawhide, it fails.

How to fix this paradox?

I guess this is punishment for not using chain-build from the beginning...


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