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Re: Critical Path Packages - Enforcement?

I wrote:
> Another open question is who is going to QA critical-path-kde, as we still
> don't have a dedicated tester in KDE SIG. Anybody volunteering to be a
> tester for KDE SIG is requested to talk to us on the #fedora-kde IRC chan
> and/or the fedora-kde mailing list. Being a tester has a much lower
> barrier to entry than most other forms of contribution, you just need some
> HD space to install test systems to (ideally, you'd have Rawhide, Fn and
> Fn-1 on at least one machine each, but even just testing one release is
> helpful) and some spare time. No programming, drawing, technical writing
> etc. skills required. I will post a call for help to the fedora-test-list
> as well. (Note that we do have a KDE SIG member in rel-eng (rdieter), so
> that part is covered.)

That part seems to be taken care of now, I managed to recruit a few QA 
volunteers. :-)

That said, my remaining questions about enforcement of critical path 
packages are still unanswered. :-(

        Kevin Kofler

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