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Re: RFE: FireKit

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On 07/23/2009 05:54 PM, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
>>To me it seems like a great idea, but your usual computer user
>     does not really know about Apache and ports, IP's and the like.
> Exactly the point, the user shares his desktop, or starts some service
> using the services GUI, and FireKit should offer to help. Moreover, this
> actually would improve desktop security, since without FireKit, a
> typical user after wasting half an hour, would understand it was the
> firewall blocking him, and would simply disable it for good. This
> happens on any OS. However, with FireKit, pro-actively offering to help
> the user, and requesting by default a limited time-window for opening
> the ports, actually ensures a better desktop security
>     Other than that, if you need help, ask.
> I do :) I'm not sure how this should integrate with policy-kit for
> allowing which users should be able to control the firewall. Should
> FireKit launch its own daemon that runs all the time, or is there some
> other way. How to control iptables without running shell commands, and
> how to hook on ports creation events. I guess I should be using some
> python RTNETLINK bindings, any ideas?
> Any examples, design decisions, and pointers to code samples to make my
> life easier, are highly appreciated
>     What language do you intend to implement this in?
> But of course python ;)
> Regards

Python does not make for a particularly efficient long-running daemon.
And if your plan is to monitor for port openings in order to prompt,
it's going to need to be a long-running daemon (also you'll probably
want a kernel module component to signal your daemon when a port is opened)

If I might suggest, you probably want to use a compiled language like C.
The GLib C framework is probably a good approach, especially with its
excellent glib-dbus integration.

Furthermore, it would be an excellent idea to start putting together a
project and try to recruit developers. I'd recommend requesting a
project from someplace like Fedorahosted (or sourceforge, or freshmeat,
etc., but I like Fedorahosted personally... makes it easy for other
Fedora developers to contribute).

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