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Re: RFE: FireKit

Stephen Gallagher wrote:
Python does not make for a particularly efficient long-running daemon.
And if your plan is to monitor for port openings in order to prompt,
it's going to need to be a long-running daemon (also you'll probably
want a kernel module component to signal your daemon when a port is opened)

If I might suggest, you probably want to use a compiled language like C.
The GLib C framework is probably a good approach, especially with its
excellent glib-dbus integration.

If I might suggest, C++ and Qt would also be a fine approach :-), the object model isn't built on C hacks, and Qt also has great dbus integration. (And it's bloody easy to design UI's in Qt. And you could make friends by working with KDE instead of making them play catch-up, for a change.) Why does everyone have to reach for glibc first?

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