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Re: RFE: FireKit

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On 07/24/2009 12:03 PM, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Stephen Gallagher wrote:
>> Python does not make for a particularly efficient long-running daemon.
>> And if your plan is to monitor for port openings in order to prompt,
>> it's going to need to be a long-running daemon (also you'll probably
>> want a kernel module component to signal your daemon when a port is
>> opened)
>> If I might suggest, you probably want to use a compiled language like C.
>> The GLib C framework is probably a good approach, especially with its
>> excellent glib-dbus integration.
> If I might suggest, C++ and Qt would also be a fine approach :-), the
> object model isn't built on C hacks, and Qt also has great dbus
> integration. (And it's bloody easy to design UI's in Qt. And you could
> make friends by working with KDE instead of making them play catch-up,
> for a change.) Why does everyone have to reach for glibc first?

Sorry, wasn't trying to start a holy-war. I reached for GLib mainly
because it's written in C and doesn't require pulling in the entire C++
shared object set. If we're expecting that FireKit would never be
available on a system that didn't run C++, then QT is an admirable
option as well :)

/me usually writes code intended for limited-memory/space systems, so
C++ is usually too heavyweight... but then again, so is GLib.

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