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Re: rawhide report: 20090724 changes

2009/7/25 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:
> Here anything that initialises GConfd causes every single GNOME app to
> start eating all the CPU it can while becoming unresponsive
> So rawhide is dead again. Can we switch to Fedora 13 at once? Fedora 12
> cycle has not been lucky

Yes, it is particularly bad at the moment.

I backed out pretty much all of the changes for the day and it still
remains broken. xsession-errors shows gnome-settings-manager failing
to start but that's about it.

Usually I will wander over to kde as a backup, but it is also failing to start.

The workaround for me is:

It is easier to use runlevel 3 and startx, because when it dies it is
much easier to restart.

Much of the looping seems to be canberra. You can kill it.

Use compiz since it allows the lower ribbon bar to work.

Don't touch anything that changes settings (so can't use volume control, etc)

GConf changed a day or so ealier so I haven't backed it out. Maybe  it
is an actual setting that changed, which would explain why backing
things out didn't help me.


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