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Re: Applications install should be idiot proof

2009/7/26 Nelson Chan <khcha n el gmail com>:
> i've just read
> http://blogs.computerworld.com/ubuntu_to_make_linux_application_installation_idiot_proof
> he got a pretty good idea, see the 2nd last paragraph:
> """
> I may know that Amarok, Banshee, Rhythmbox, and Songbird are all noteworthy
> Linux music players, but come on! Does anyone beside another Linux expert
> know that? Letting users choose a program by say clicking on "music player"
> and then picking one makes all the sense in the world.
> """

Free (part of the Fedora philosophy) means as well that *I* can choose
what application i want. The example is a bad one since we already did
choose a default player for every DE on every spin.

> The idea is that newbies are likely have no idea what amarok,rhythmbox are,
> so does other applications  Totem, abiword, Brasero..etc.  what they know
> are the general type of the software --- Music player, movie player, office
> suite, CD/DVD burner...

Works with player, office and other keywords. And there are groups who
lists apps, like "Multimedia", "Office" and others.

> Also i tried to search for "music player" in Add/Remove Software,
> interestingly, it gives extremely odd and pointless result..(try that
> yourself)
> So i can see why newbies are pull their hair off and *CAN"T GET THINGS
> DONE*, and claim *fedora sucks*
> See this fact, i think that we should classify some applications under their
> type.
> For instance,  have   Rhythmbox, amarok ..etc  under "Music Player"

The above mentioned group "Multimedia" is just for that. Having groups
for every combination of keywords might be a bit overload. But thats
just my 2Cent.

LG Thomas

Dubium sapientiae initium

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