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Re: rawhide report: 20090726 changes

On 07/26/2009 04:17 AM, Rawhide Report wrote:
> Compose started at Sun Jul 26 06:15:06 UTC 2009
> New package python-Lightbox
>         Lightbox photo display widget

Big fat warning!  The license on this package is incorrect.  It says MIT
but only the python code in the package is licensed MIT.  The Lightbox
javascript library is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution license:

CC licenses are incompatible with the GPL whereas the MIT license is
compatible so this is an important difference.

This was missed in the review:

It can be a pain but (especially where sources from different upstreams
are suspected of being mixed, like including javascript files) doing a a
license audit is very important.

grep -ri license ${topdir} can help to point out files that need to be
explored further.


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