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Re: Help needed with fedora-security-guide-en-US-1.0-16.fc12

Hi Eric,

> I'm having problems with a Publican package (the Security Guide).  Below you will see the latest build error from Koji.  I'm not familiar with the error and I can't find anything listed on the wiki pages that I'm used to finding solutions to packaging errors.
> The SPEC file can be seen at http://sparks.fedorapeople.org/Packages/security-guide/fedora-security-guide-en-US.spec.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions.

I just looked at your spec file in CVS (it's newer than the one you
provided a link to):


You have this in the %install section:

desktop-file-install  %{?vendoropt}
--dir=${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}%{_datadir}/applications %{name}.desktop

but you have this in the %files section:


That "%{?vendor}" causes "Fedora Project" to be inserted into the
filename, resulting in these errors in build.log:

Processing files: fedora-security-guide-en-US-1.0-16.fc12.noarch
error: Two files on one line: /usr/share/applications/Fedora
error: File must begin with "/": Projectfedora-security-guide-en-US.desktop

Looks like you need to remove "%{?vendor}".



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