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Re: Clipboard manager by default in Fedora 12

On 27.07.2009 15:49, Casey Dahlin wrote:
On 07/26/2009 07:32 AM, Julian Aloofi wrote:
Oops, I meant Fedora 12 when I wrote this:

I don't think that would count as a feature, and it isn't one. It's
basically a program every system should have (in my opinion).
The Gnome clipboard isn't working great. I often get complaints from new
users I introduce to Fedora that their clipboard content was lost when
they closed Firefox, or something similar. And it's true, I don't trust
the default Gnome Copy&Paste to keep anything in it when I'm not running
a clipboard manager and don't close any apps "just in case".

It would be really nice to have a clipboard manager by default on the
Live CD (GNOME and XFCE, KDE already has klipper).
When I look in the repos for available clipboard managers, I see
glipper, parcellite and the XFCE plugin (xfce4-clipman-plugin).
glipper is 111 k, and parcellite is 114, so it shouldn't be a difference
of size. I personally would recommend parcellite, because it's pretty
lightweight and works good (and I use it myself :D).
What do you think about that?
I think this would improve the user experience and add functionality to
the desktop.

I get the feeling you haven't pushed the GNOME clipboard in awhile. Its perfectly fine. The Firefox issue was always Firefox's fault. Its designed to keep information from leaking out of the browser.


Hi all,

that's interesting, I have a question about the standard clipboard.
Highlighting some text in an app, may it be firefox, thunderbird,
tomboy, whatever and then pasting it to an existing xterm with middle
mouse button works. However if you open a new xterm _after_ you
highlighted some text the previously highlighted text is not being
pasted to the new xterm.

There might be some some security concerns I might not be thinking of
but it's not the behavior I would expect from a user perspective. What's
actually going on there?

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