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Re: Updated Anaconda packages

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 07/28/2009 01:11 AM, David Cantrell wrote:

The problem here is when do you stop generating new media to fix bugs in
F-11's installer and start working on F-12?  Never?  A week after F-11 GA?
What determines if an installer bug gets a fix in F-11 vs. not?

It's a gigantic waste of time for the installer team to release updates to
F-11's installer.  We can address those bugs in rawhide and have them
fixed in
the next stable release.

Can you push the fixes as updates for Anaconda in Fedora 11? Fedora
Unity isn't the only one doing updated images. It is increasingly
becoming useful to have updated Anaconda packages available within the
official repository as updates. If the Anaconda team doesn't want to do
it, hand over that work to Jeroen van Meeuwen. He has already
volunteered to take care of it and since he is doing it anyway for the
unity images, his work could benefit more people. The only thing you got
to do is give him commit access.

Honestly, I always thought Fedora install images should be regenerated far more frequently.

I think back to my days as a Solaris sysadmin in the late 90's, where ordering the latest "media kit" (CD-ROM) from Sun meant I got a fresh installer, fresh kernel, and all recommended patches.

Even in the face of known Linux kernel bugs, people always seemed reluctant to regenerate the Fedora install images. I think Fedora would better serve its users by being much more willing to update install images after initial release.


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