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Re: Testing libsatsolver on Fedora

On 07/27/2009 04:31 PM, Michael Schroeder wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm the author of the "libsatsolver" library, a library solves
> package dependencies with a SAT algorithm.
> This library is currently used in SUSE by YaST/zypp. I'm currently
> trying to make it less SUSE specific like adding support for package
> coloring and different repo handling, but I'm pretty sure I didn't
> catch all things where Fedora is different from SUSE.

What's the eventual goal?

> So, if you have some spare time, could you give it a try and tell
> me where it works well/ does stupid things/ doesn't work at all?

On Fedora 11 (x86_32)

$ sudo solv info coreutils. Keeping reading some of the metadata over
and over again instead of caching them it seems. It also reads the xml
files instead of sqlite databases supported more recently.  Also claims
some of the repos don't have repomd.xml file while they do


$ sudo solv search quake3

returns nothing after reading some of the repos again for quite
sometime. Ping me in irc if you need to test specific commands more. I
am mether in freenode and usually in #fedora-devel


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