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Re: Updated Anaconda packages

On 07/27/2009 04:21 PM, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> When our releases are at most six months apart, how much effort are we
> willing to divert from the next release to make this happen?  It's not
> going to happen for free.

The counter-balance is when each release is substantially broken, then
Fedora just gets to be known as undependable.  Granted, I haven't seen
installer breakage in a Fedora like 11 (e.g. very basic partitioning
problems) since maybe 3 (my recollection is fuzzy on that)

The mirror infrastructure problem can probably be ameliorated if you
have an Internet connection on install, which a large segment of users
do.  Some creative use of fetching a new kernel, kexec'ing to it,
downloading a new anaconda (and maybe RPM?), and I think the vast
majority of install problems get fixed.  That's a fairly small set of
packages to maintain for large user benefit.  Obviously not free, but
perhaps of high value.

I've asked on the kexec list if there's a way yet to persist a ramdisk
across kernels but didn't get a response.  I'm pretty ignorant of how
kexec handles resources, but things like NFS can supposedly persist, so
ramdisks ought to be doable, or at least in-memory ones could be tagged
(I think).


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