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Re: fedora mini revisted

On Tue, 2009-07-28 at 10:17 -0400, Doug Warner wrote:
> On 07/27/2009 04:33 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> > So what do people want out of a Fedora Mini SIG?
> I recently got a Asus eee Pc 1005HA which was almost entirely supported
> out-of-the-box with F11 (awesome!). I had to install via DVD-to-USB stick
> since network didn't work in anaconda, but otherwise worked great once installed.
> I'd like to see a couple things:
> * support for different "skins" which are easily installable from packages
> (Ubuntu NBR's gnome view, moblin, etc)

UNR's UIs are a dead-end. I'd advise sticking to Moblin, even if we made
slight changes compared to upstream (using mutter for both gnome-shell
and moblin usage would be good).

> * integration of Dan Walsh's xguest package with easy-to-customize guest
> defaults (which skin to use from above, default firefox
> preferences/extensions, etc)

What's the use of this?

> * firefox: make meerkat extension [1] available and activated on install

Is there any actual way to package Firefox extensions for Fedora? That
would probably make my installs of Firebug more up-to-date...

But making sure that applications work well on smaller screens is a case
for either adding support directly in the applications when possible, or
creating a proper front-end for it.

> These are just some quick ideas I've had while using my netbook since I've had
> it for the past week.
> I'm not sure of the status of Ubuntu's NBR gnome skin (ie, where it's housed,
> how to package it, etc) but it would be great to get into Fedora.

A number of those are already in Fedora, a few more are up for review,
but things like maximus are gross hacks, and we shouldn't be building a
desktop on top of hacks like that.

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