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Re: rawhide report: 20090729 changes

On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 11:13 +0000, Rawhide Report wrote:

> xorg-x11-server-1.6.99-21.20090724.fc12
> ---------------------------------------
> * Tue Jul 28 2009 Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com> 1.6.99-19.20090724
> - xserver-1.6.99-randr-error-debugging.patch: Dump RANDR protocol errors
>   to the log.
> - Un-package xf8_16bpp, no one cares.
> * Tue Jul 28 2009 Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com> 1.6.99-20.20090724
> - xserver-1.6.99-use-pci-access-boot.patch: Some chips (thanks Intel) will
>   change their PCI class at runtime if you disable their VGA decode, so
>   consider both 0x0300 and 0x0380 classes when looking for the boot VGA.
> * Tue Jul 28 2009 Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com> 1.6.99-21.20090724
> - xserver-1.6.99-right-of.patch: Default to right-of initial placement
>   for RANDR 1.2 drivers with enough virtual space.

I just want to highlight this, as it's a behaviour change that might
surprise people.  With this change you'll get a spanning desktop by
default if possible, which matches the behaviour of every other major
window system and is what you usually configured in the session anyway.
The cloning heuristic was pretty losing to begin with, since the
available mode lists for each output don't have a lot of commonality.

There are still some rough edges here.  X will center the mouse over the
root window, and not over a particular screen, which is usually wrong.
gdm extends the error by displaying the greeter on the screen that
contains the cursor; so if for example your external display is larger
than your laptop display, the cursor will be centered on the external,
and gdm will show up there instead of on the LVDS like you probably
expected.  Known bug, we're working on it.

Also, Intel gen3 hardware (915 and 945 variants) hit a corner case here,
where the maximum 3d pitch is 2048 but the maximum scanout pitch is
4096.  So if you're using compiz or another GL compositor in your
session, you'll see garbage rendering off to the right.  This isn't a
_new_ problem, but you might hit it now when you didn't before.
However, with KMS, we'll resize the render buffers on RANDR events, so
if you switch back to cloning in your session GL compositors should look

- ajax

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