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Re: [ANNOUNCE] New Mixer Handling in PA 0.9.16/F12

On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 12:25 -0500, Dr. Diesel wrote:

> How long do we expect people to tolerate these bugs before they move
> on? 

I don't. However, for those doing support, there's better approaches
than 'disable PA and carry on using the system'. There's some
configuration tweaks you can make to PA. You can check the kernel and PA
logs for clues as to what the problem may be. You can get the
alsa-info.sh output and check for known issues with the hardware in
question (search on subv / subd for HDA hardware). Finally, if disabling
PA 'solves' the problem, you can file a bug on PA explaining the issue
and the symptoms, and including the kernel and PA logs. (To get PA log
output, kill the system pulseaudio instance, and run it from a console
as 'pulseaudio -vvvvv', then reproduce the problem). The key point is to
try and get some useful information about the problem and file a bug, so
that Lennart and the kernel sound guys _know_ about it. If no bugs are
filed, it's very unlikely the problem is going to be fixed.

I should probably write up a Debugging page for sound / PulseAudio,

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Fedora Talk: adamwill AT fedoraproject DOT org

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