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Re: F12 mass rebuild status

Jesse Keating wrote:
> http://jkeating.fedorapeople.org/failed-f12-rebuilds.html

chrisw (1):

This was another victim of asciidoc-8.4's 'unsafe include' problem.
I've not heard more from upstream yet on whether they plan to default
to using --unsafe or remove the dubious 'safe' mode completely.  I'll
get a build of asciidoc which defaults to --unsafe in the next day or
two so that any other packages affected don't need to enable silly
work-arounds for this.

At the same time, this might be a good opportunity to retire cogito.
It's need as a 'Human-suitable Interface for Git' is a bit outdated.
The cogito home page┬╣ says:

    Since fall 2006, Cogito is deprecated and unmaintained; it
    probably will not work well with new Git versions. As of Git-1.5,
    Git user interface should be sufficiently user friendly and
    everyone is encouraged to learn and use Git directly. The rest of
    the original homepage follows for historical interest.

It has not seen a release since November of 2006.  I think we should let
it slip into retirement.

┬╣ http://git.or.cz/cogito/

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