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Re: Broken dependencies in Fedora 11 - 2009-07-28

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 11:44:59 -0700, Adam wrote:

> > https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/libopensync-plugin-synce-0.22.1-1.fc11,synce-sync-engine-0.14-1.fc11,synce-hal-0.14-1.fc11,synce-kpm-0.14-1.fc11,librra-0.14-1.fc11,librapi-0.14-1.fc11,unshield-0.6-1.fc11,libsynce-0.14-1.fc11
> > 
> > Submitted on 2009-07-21, still pending. Not pushed anywhere? Bodhi problem?
> > 

> I'm not sure. May be just that it doesn't have the karma yet. I'll try
> and find time to test on my little F11 box and confirm/deny...this
> system runs F12.

Normally, bodhi would have added a comment like "This update has been
submitted for testing" and a similar one for "stable" plus another
comment for the actual push. Such comments are missing in this ticket,
as if it has not been submitted to any repo yet. And it's not a security
update which enter the Security Team's queue before such comments appear.

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