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Re: The death of rhpl

On 07/29/2009 03:38 PM, Jeremy Katz wrote:
We're hoping to be able to not ship rhpl for Fedora 12 -- this isn't
something which is really a "feature", but it might be something that a
heads up is useful for.  Anyone who has a package with a dependency on
rhpl should have a bug filed, 98% of them with patches, to switch to
using something else.

If you are using rhpl and *don't* have a Requires: rhpl in your spec
file (or are using it for something not in Fedora), here's the
replacements for the things which were commonly used

* rhpl.translate ->  Use python's gettext module.  It's a lot more
   functional these days.  rhpl.translate was a good idea 7 years ago,
   but not anymore :)
* rhpl.ethtool ->  python-ethtool provides a module with similar/the same
* rhpl.exception ->  Chris Lumens has split out a new package python-meh
   which includes the exception handling capabilities from rhpl with the
   added support for filing to bugzilla like anaconda does
* rhpl.keyboard* ->  these now live in system-config-keyboard
rhpl.iwlib -> python-iwlib provides a module with the same API

Jiri Popelka

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