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Re: [ANNOUNCE] New Mixer Handling in PA 0.9.16/F12

On Jul 28, 2009, at 2:59 PM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Tue, 28.07.09 14:32, Ben Boeckel (MathStuf gmail com) wrote:

Lennart Poettering wrote:
Please note that it is our intention not to wrap obsolete mixer
controls such as "CD", "PC Speaker", "MIDI" and so on. If you
file a
bug asking for those to be wrapped we will disappoint you and
close the bug WONTFIX.

Curious: would patches be accepted if someone else did it or is
there just no support at all?

Let me stress that we explicitly decided not to expose those
controls. This has nothing to do with whether there are patches for
that or not. So yeah, if you file a bug with a patch this will most
likely be treated the same as a bug without a patch and closed

Will PA ever expose the Monitor capability of input ports? If not, I'll have to keep using gst-mixer or something equivalent forever. Just for clarification, here's my audio configuration:

iPhone ->        7.1   -> line in
5.1 speakers <-  KVM   <- front, center, rear, sub out
Logitech USB headset  <-> headset mic in, headset out

The ports that are on the 7.1 KVM are shared with a Windows Vista computer. The 5.1 speakers are used for everything except VoIP output, which goes to the USB headset. The line in is only used for the iPhone. The USB headset mic is used for VoIP.

Now, given this setup, here are the problems I've had:

Separately controlling volume of line in, and also setting line in into monitor mode (which redirects analog input directly to speakers without involving any digital data transfers to host, a hard requirement for me as I refuse to waste DMA/CPU resources and doing a wasted A/D then D/A conversion just to listen to my iPhone's playlists, he says as he listens to "We Made You" - Eminem). Windows Vista does this just fine. In order to get this under F11 I have to use gst-mixer. And truly the same is viable for the CD in portion of a hardware mixer. Every system I build still keeps the analog signal cable between the CD/DVD and the soundcard. This doesn't help if I try to watch a movie as that signal has to be decoded and then played, but for audio CDs it is still a perfectly acceptable means of playing the music. So I'm not sure where this "CD in is obsolete" comes from. Even the motherboard I bought about 2 months ago still has a CD in port and the CD/DVD in that machine still has an analog output.

Getting PA to accept (and keep) the proper default input/output source across reboots, especially if the USB headset was either plugged in or unplugged at boot which changes the alsa detection order of the devices (this appears to be more reliable in F11 now, but was really bad in F9, I skipped F10).

Interestingly enough, at login now in F11, it plays a sound over the speakers, but also plays what sounds like undecoded noise over the USB headset.

I haven't tried reverting my .procmailrc of my secondary mail account to use paplay on certain messages again. I have a workaround in place, but in the past, attempts to do so would delay mails for hours until I killed the hung paplay program.


Doug Ledford <dledford redhat com>


InfiniBand Specific RPMS

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