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Re: new to list, first post

On 30/07/09 15:30, wdepli mikrotec com wrote:
I am new to this list, and I am looking forward to hearing the discussion.


Is Fedora really gaining that much ground with every bi-yearly release to
justify that pace?

There is talk, just talk at the moment, for and ELC:
Wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Extended_Life_Cycle

After all Red Hat is not a desktop but a server,
As stated, Fedora is not Red Hat.

 right?  And Chrome could
kill current races to find a desktop to compete with Windows.  So why not
concentrate on what Red Hat/Fedora does best?  Let Ubuntu grind out Gnome
and KDE enhancements.  How often does Solaris release desktop distros?

Fedora has it's followers, and this one is happy to stick with it.

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