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thunderbird-enigmail should be fine for Fedora (was: Re: fedora mini revisted)

On 30.07.2009 17:29, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 30.07.2009, 17:17 +0200 schrieb nicolas.mailhot:
>>> On 29/07/09 23:40, Bill McGonigle wrote:
>>>> There are rpmfusion packages for thunderbird extensions -
>>>> thunderbird-enigmail being one I use which puts its files in:
>>> Mozilla-adblock is also on the review list,
>>> along with one other, name forgotten
>> Is there a reason this is done rpmfusion-side and not in Fedora ?
> rpmfusion's thunderbird-enigmail was just mentioned as an example and
> enigmail really cannot be in Fedora. [...]

Just for the record as the one that reviewed thunderbird-enigmail for
RPM Fusion:

thunderbird-enigmail afaik would be acceptable for Fedora if it wants to
ship it; there are no legal problems I'm aware of that would prevent that.

But the review of thunderbird-enigmail for Fedora stalled due to various
reasons for a year or two iirc (bugzilla.redhat.com has some of the
details; ask remi for all of them). So RPM Fusion jumped in to provide
the package for now, to give users a proper solution for now (normally
RPM Fusion doesn't take packages that can go to Fedora, but we make
exceptions like this). But I and afaics the package maintainer and
several other RPM Fusion contributors would be very very happy if
thunderbird-enigmail could be moved to Fedora rather sooner than later.


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