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Audio issue...


On an up to date F11 I'm seeing bizarre audio issues. Using Rhythmbox or the main volume control in the panel, if I adjust the volume, and then request the next song, my volume level is reset, and not necessarily reset to the same value. For example I start where rhythmbox is showing 1%, I increase it to 15%. Select Next Song... the sound volume drops again down to anywhere in the 0-2% range... The volume isn't modified when Rhythmbox moves to the next song on its own.

Also likely related, when I first start rhythmbox playing (from a fresh login or a closing of rhythmbox and starting it again) the first song is always muted... no idea why. I either have to click next song or adjust the volume on the first song...

Are these known issues or should file a bug... Would this be pulse audio related or is there a way to perhaps narrow down what component is causing the issue?

Nathanael d. Noblet

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