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Re: [ANNOUNCE] New Mixer Handling in PA 0.9.16/F12

Doug Ledford wrote:
Every system I build still keeps the analog signal cable between the
CD/DVD and the soundcard. This doesn't help if I try to watch a movie
as that signal has to be decoded and then played, but for audio CDs
it is still a perfectly acceptable means of playing the music. So I'm
not sure where this "CD in is obsolete" comes from. Even the
motherboard I bought about 2 months ago still has a CD in port and
the CD/DVD in that machine still has an analog output.

CD is digital and can be read in digital format by your CPU and sent in digital to the sound device. This is lossless.

You want to:
(D->A) do the DAC in the CD drive
(A) toss that on an analog wire
(A/A->D->A) apply an analog volume adjustment (if you're lucky; you might actually end up doing a ADC, digital volume adjustment, DAC)
(A/A->D) toss that on a different wire that might be digital
(A/D->A) hear it from your speakers

You could:
(D) read the CD digital data
(D) toss said data to the sound device (losslessly!)
(D/D->A) apply a digital volume adjustment (or maybe analog volume adjustment after DAC)
(D/D->A) send that, maybe digitally, to your speakers
(A/D->A) hear it from your speakers

What exactly is better about the first scenario? At *best* you're moving the analog signal across a longer run of wire (and one that is inside your computer case with who-knows-what shielding picking up who-knows-what interference). At worst you've tossed several analog elements into a process that could have been digital from disc to speaker cones.

Seriously... do I miss something?

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