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Re: Rawhide mock builds broken

On Thu, 2009-07-30 at 21:44 -0500, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
> Today I tried to do some rawhide builds in my usual mock setup (running
> on updated x86_64 F11), but somehow I can't even init a chroot due to:
> Executing command: ['/usr/sbin/groupadd', '-g', '498', 'mockbuild']
> Child returncode was: 4
> GID 498 is already occupied by exim, which gets pulled in because cronie
> depends on /usr/bin/sendmail and exim has the shortest name.  (cronie is
> needed because of crontabs, which is a dependency of rpm.)  Exim has no
> requirement that it get group 498; it only calls useradd so this must
> just be bad luck.
> Obviously this didn't always happen; I have no idea what has changed to
> cause this situation.  Anyone have any ideas for getting mock going
> again?
>  - J<

Mock is trying to add a user / group that matches the user / group
calling it.  Is the user calling it of gid 498?

I thought there was a bug open asking rpm to split off the cron job into
its own package (or drop it all together, or put it in a doc as an
example) so that we could avoid this in the minimal install cases.  I
don't know what the status of that bug is.

Also it could be another case of a package getting a dynamically
assigned uid/gid when it may have already reserved a static one.  exim
may need to adjust it's scriptlets to make use of the proper uid/gid.

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