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Re: Rawhide mock builds broken

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> writes:

JK> Mock is trying to add a user / group that matches the user / group
JK> calling it.  Is the user calling it of gid 498?

That's the GID of the mock group on the host.  It's not my primary GID,
but I guess that doesn't matter.  It would explain why I'm the only
person unlucky enough to run into this.

JK> I thought there was a bug open asking rpm to split off the cron job
JK> into its own package (or drop it all together, or put it in a doc as
JK> an example) so that we could avoid this in the minimal install
JK> cases.

That might help this specific case, I guess, but perhaps there's a more
general problem.  If mock absolutely requires that it be able to create
a group in the chroot with the same GID as the mock group on the host,
then perhaps we should reserve a static GID for mock.

JK> exim may need to adjust it's scriptlets to make use of the proper
JK> uid/gid.

Exim doesn't actually create a GID.  It just creates UID 93 and does not
call useradd with -g, so an 'exim' group is created with a random GID.
As far as I know it's always done this.

 - J<

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